Cicli Elios Warranty

1.1 In accordance with legislative decree no. 206 of 06/09/2005 and Directive 1999/44/EC, all Cicli Elios products are guaranteed for two years (24 months) from the date shown on the proof of purchase issued by the Cicli Elios authorized dealer.


1.2 The Italian version of the Cicli Elios warranty conditions prevails over all other versions of the same document translated into other languages.


1.3 The Cicli Elios warranty and the conditions of the crash replacement program apply only to the initial buyer, who is the sole holder of the warranty rights. The terms and conditions presented herein cannot be transferred to anyone purchasing used or second-hand Cicli Elios

products. The new owners of used products may benefit from this Cicli Elios warranty provided the first purchaser is referred to, and under the terms of the warranty.


1.4 The Cicli Elios warranty is valid only for Cicli Elios products purchased from authorized physical or on-line dealers . The official list of authorized dealers is available in the Dealers Locator section clicking here


1.5 The Cicli Elios warranty overrides any other legal rights the consumer may have in accordance with the national legislation of the country in which the product was purchased. Should any provision of this warranty be void according to those national laws, the remainder of the warranty shall remain valid.


1.6 Cicli Elios S.r.l. cannot be held liable for any damage caused to any person due to incorrect or improper use of the product.


1.7 The Cicli Elios warranty is the only warranty in force for Cicli Elios branded products, specifically excluding any additional clause, extension or implied warranty.


1.8 When a product is repaired or replaced under warranty, the repaired or replaced product is covered by any residual time under the original warranty. Therefore, renewals, extensions or a new warranty start date are not provided for. This condition is also valid for cases in which the warranty is considered valid for defective products or crash replacement, with the subsequent purchase of a new product of equal or greater value to the original product.


1.9 Products under warranty recognized as defective by Cicli Elios will be replaced with a similar product of equivalent value. In the event of product replacement after running change and/ or improvements to construction standards made by Cicli Elios, the warranty shall not cover any components necessary for the use of the product being replaced.


1.10 Products from other companies installed on Cicli Elios products are covered by the warranties of their respective manufacturers which must be contacted by the consumer.


1.11 When a product is replaced under warranty, the returned product becomes the property of Cicli Elios.


1.12 Any dispute regarding the warranty, purchase and use of Cicli Elios products will be governed by Italian law. The court of Rovigo, Italy, shall have jurisdiction.


1.13 Shipping damage: Cicli Elios is liable for damage caused during shipping of the products delivered at its expense to consumers, distributors and authorized dealers. The damaged product will be repaired or replaced at Cicli Elios’ discretion at no cost to the consumer, distributor or authorized dealer.





The Cicli Elios warranty covers all Cicli Elios branded products belonging to the used bicycle category for a period of one year (12 months). The warranty takes effect on the date of delivery of the product to the Cicli Elios authorized dealer.




The warranty is the basic two-year (24-month) warranty covering all Cicli Elios brand products as required by Italian Legislative Decree 206 of 06/09/2005 in compliance with Directive 1999/44/EC. The warranty takes effect on the date indicated on the proof of purchase issued by the Cicli Elios authorized dealer.



Cicli Elios applies only the two-year (24-month) warranty on all bicycles and frames intended for professional/amateur cycling teams and clubs. Should the consumer purchase a bicycle or frame kit belonging to one of these two categories from an authorized dealer, the warranty takes effect on the date of delivery of the product to the Cicli Elios authorized dealer.



Cicli Elios warranties do not apply to:


1. Products with no valid sales receipt or invoice

2. Products not purchased from authorized Cicli Elios dealers

3. Products with altered, removed, erased or illegible

serial numbers

4. Normal wear, including fatigue

5. Damage caused by incorrect or improper use,

improper assembly (e.g. incorrect tightening torque), improper or insufficient maintenance, accidents, impacts, corrosion, the use of harsh cleaners, use with incompatible products, incorrectly performed repairs, and more generally, anything not constituting a material or manufacturing defect

6. Products having reached the natural end of their service life

7. Effects of UV exposure (fading, yellowing)

8. Fluorescent paint

9. Effects of a saline environment

10. Products repainted at centres not authorized by Cicli Elios

11.Labour for replacement or technical assistance

12.Paint defects more than two years after purchase

13.Defects or damage caused by loads or pressure on

the top tube on carbon frames, including damage caused by bicycle racks or maintenance shop


14. Damage caused by external factors such as debris,

pebbles and stones, soil deposits, sheath abrasion and corrosion due to acidic sweat.



4.1 The consumer must always contact their authorized Cicli Elios dealer at which the product was purchased to request assistance under warranty. The authorized dealer will forward the request to Cicli Elios’ Service Centre. The authorized dealer’s report must be made within 30

46 days from the date on which the product problem was discovered. Upon receiving the request, the Cicli Elios Service Centre will perform any necessary assessments and decide whether there are grounds for repair/replacement under warranty.


IMPORTANT Replacement may take up to 90 days from the time at which Cicli Elios informs the authorized dealer or consumer that the product will be replaced under warranty.



Under the Crash Replacement program, a new frame/ fork may be purchased from an authorized Cicli Elios dealer under special, particularly advantageous conditions.


5.1 This program may be used only once during the first 24 months from the date of purchase, provided the product has been damaged for one of the indicated uses.


5.2 Cicli Elios S.r.l. alone is authorized to decide whether the conditions are met to offer consumers the possibility to apply to the Crash Replacement program.


5.3 Only Cicli Elios carbon bicycles, frames are covered by the Crash Replacement programme.



Every part of a bicycle (frame, wheels, cranks, handlebar, gears, tires, etc.) has a service life cycle that depends on many factors such as: the technology and materials used; the cyclist’s weight and power; care and maintenance; how often, how and where the bicycle is used, the use of harsh cleaners, and external factors like impacts, crushing or falls.


Components are subject to normal wear, to surface wear, and to a form of wear called “fatigue” that consists in progressive deterioration of the structure’s mechanical properties due, initially, to the presence of an almost invisible micro-fracture that grows overtime, to the point of weakening the component and causing it to give way suddenly when the crack becomes sufficiently large.


Initially, fatigue is difficult to see, which makes it insidious. To reduce the risk of an accident, it is important to monitor wear and spot early signs of fatigue before they can cause a sudden failure. To improve safety, have all components frequently inspected at an authorized Cicli Elios assistance centre to identify wear, cracks, micro fractures, corrosion, deformation, dents, paint damage and any other indication of a problem before they can cause product failure.


Should the product become damaged due to a fall or in the presence of obvious damage due to other causes:

– Immediately stop using the bicycle

– Contact the authorized dealer where the product was purchased for necessary safety checks. For products purchased on line from, contact Cicli Elios S.r.l. immediately using the contact forms on the website.


In the event of accidents or impacts involving the frame or a component, forces applied to the component could irreparably damage the structure and cause breakage during subsequent use.

Any product that is worn, has lost its structural integrity or shows any sign of fatigue or damage must be replaced immediately to prevent accidents and serious injury to the consumer. The following parts are subject to normal wear from use: bearings (bottom bracket, headset, hubs), sheaths, cables, tires, tubulars, inner tubes, rims, brake pads/shoes, chains, chainrings, cassettes and saddles.


Improper use of the bicycle is risky, and factors such as poor maintenance, lack of frequent inspections, poor visibility, darkness or rain can greatly increase these risks. Proper maintenance, frequent inspections, wearing a helmet and high visibility clothing, lights, rear view mirrors, horns and careful riding help to reduce risks, though they cannot eliminate them altogether.



Cicli Elios S.r.l. reserves the right to modify or cancel these warranty conditions at any time without notice to end consumers.