Our MTB project designed for an uncompromising user, proposes assemblies and components present in the high range.

The components follow the philosophy suitable for the highest quality and fun ratio.


The Gravel: a bike designed for all your needs. Suitable for all types of routes, from asphalt to dirt.


From today everything is possible. The pedal assisted bikes is the manifesto of Cicli Elios. It accompanies you where you could not go before. Maybe today you can join your friends and ride with them even on the toughest trails. Or on the street of your city, which will appreciate your Green spirit, thanking you for your sensitivity.


Only for those who want to feel free in city traffic. Classic multipurpose TKK frame for both citizen and light off-road. Available in both men’s and women’s versions. Classic frame, elegant and practical. It is ideal for getting around the city.