About Cicli Elios

Professional Principle:  we work  to manage and nurture  relationships with our customers and suppliers, following the highest professional Italian standards and working diligently to gain the respect of many cycling realities.

Working Environment: In order to assemble high quality Italian cycles it is important that your team is content and stimulated to contribute to the growth of your company. Cicli Elios has always taken great care and pride in all of its staff, treating each as a member of the family! The record so far from one of our staff is 40 years of dedication in the service to our company.

A special relationship with our Elios Retail partners: We exclusively trust our highly qualified personnel and  pay attention to the needs of each customer, guaranteeing the best assistance and the attention to the  their requirements. Each order is followed  from order confirmation  to consignment’ to your shop.

Vigorous Quality Testing : Our company is composed of designers,technicians and professionals who work together as a team  in the time, modes and methods defined by the management system in compliance with the italian law, with the field’s technical norms, with the constant search of the best performances to guarantee a high quality product.

Research and Design: Cicli Elios was a trend setter  in the past and continues  to the present day. Elios is a mix of the latest available innovations and Italian design, and for this reason our r&d department continues to develop new technologies and ideas to increase customer satisfaction with innovative and avant-garde projects.


Our Cycling Heritage

In the 1940’s Roberto’s cycling passion was ignited by his father Santé who owned a small cycling accessories business in Badia Polesine . At the age of 11 Roberto finished his studies and started to work by his side, both learning the tricks of the trade and meeting many famous Italian cycling champions of that era. In 1950 Cicli Elios snc was born after having worked and learnt from his father since the 1940’s. Roberto decided to create his own small workshop in via Roma,65 Badia Polesine ,Veneto, Italy producing 1 to 2 bikes daily.

The first industrial Revolution for Cicli Elios happened in 1962. Roberto and his wife Gabriella, thanks to many years of perseverance and sacrifice, decide to expand and setup their first factory in via Carmignola, Badia Polesine – Veneto.

In 1980 The Cicli Elios project expanded yet again! With constant demand for their assembling skills from the leading Italian bicycle brands , and the desire to launch it ‘s own line ,Cicli Elios  moved to Via Galileo Ferraris, Badia Polesine which is now their present location.
In the marvelous 1990’s years Cicli Elios averaged an annual production of approximately 40,000 bicycles. Also The company won the prestigious title of the’ Best Cycling Company In Veneto’.
The region which is the Heart of the Italian Cycling Industry.

At turn of the next century (2000) The Ragona Family celebrated 50 glorious years in the Cycling trade, respected and known all over Italy for it’s quality and assistance.

Now the Company expertly guided by Andrea and Nicola Ragona (Roberto’s sons’) thanks to the continuing success of Cicli Elios snc, have decided to to expand its sales presence around the world.

Cicli Elios Snc
Via G. Ferraris, 996-1030 – 45021 Badia Polesine (RO) – Italy
tel. +39 0425 51910
fax. +39 0425 52863
VAT: IT 00771130291